South To Sian (+ North Of The Sun)

May 21, 2017

Big Screen Cinemas Caloundra

12.15 – 1.45 pm

Entry: $12 + Booking Fee

The Ultimate Road Trip

South To Sian PosterIn a time where there are fences around everything, and we are denied the instinct of self-preservation, it is difficult to find a place free from rules and restrictions, but not yet impossible.

Surf movies come and go, a million waves in exotic locations and surfers flown in for three-day shoots on perfect swells, but the spirit of adventure never dies.

What began as a three-month trip to a collection of surf breaks off the beaten track turned into a two-year odyssey of exploration, injury, companionship and 4,000km of two-wheeled, single-finned escape from the the real-world burdens of modern life.

Harrison Roach and Zye Norris pack their bags, a diverse quiver of boards, two bikes and a 50-dollar tent into a 1970s Land Rover and embark on an epic quest from the southern reaches of Bali, through the Indonesian archipelago to Northern Sumatra’s isolated Lagundri Bay.

On boards, on bikes, by boat and four-wheel drive, the pair’s journey is to discover if, in these days of GPS and WiFi, the dream of a true pioneering surf adventure is still alive.

“This could be the ultimate roadtrip – travelling across Indonesia seeking untouched waves devoid of crowds and noise, a quiver packed with unique shapes sculpted by some of the best in the craft and a film crew capturing everything along the way.

South to Sian, Deus’ latest full-length movie follows Harrison Roach and Zye Norris as they voyage across the hallowed land, combining the duo’s love of surfing and custom motorbikes.” Jason Lock,

Also screening with North Of The Sun – check it out here.